Taxing Information  – This document from the Texas Comptroller’s Office clearly states that booths are not taxable, but selling products or services at an event should be taxed.  This disclosure is provided for your information.

How many brides are you expecting?
Due to heavy marketing, we anticipate between 250 and 300 brides to attend.  Every effort will be made to ensure we have a good turnout as we are heavily marketing the event.  Location and marketing strategies play a big part in our planning as well as marketing strategies.  This venue is a high profile venue.  See Marketing Plan below.  

Where will the show be held?
Our fourth annual show in Round Rock will be held at the Rabb House Event Center in Round Rock.  The location is easily accessible and venue features both indoor and outdoor ammenities.

How many vendors will we have?
Due to our limited booth availability, this year’s focus is quality.  We have polled brides to find what their needs are so are setting up these vendors first.  We will extend personal invitations for these requested vendors first via email invitation.  They will have the first the first opportunity to register.  Registration for new vendors is open on August 15th, 2016.  Registration is now open with discounts for vendors who participated in previous Quality Promotions Marketing or Ever After Events productions.  Vendors who participated last year will receive special invitation with discounted promo code.  If you were a past vendor, did you get yours?  If not, contact info@qltpromotions.com.

Will you receive a leads list?

Yes, all vendors will receive a leads list of all brides who are registered through November 19th, 2017.  The leads list will be emailed to all vendors within 3-7 business days.  Those who continue to advertise with our partner publication, Wilco Bridal Guide will continue to receive updates on new brides as they register.

This year, sponsors will receive leads list ahead of time for a chance to reach out to brides before the event.

What special recognition will event sponsors receive?

This year, we have different levels of sponsorships.  Please see table below to see what each level provides.  Vendors who also serve as sponsors will stand out above the rest and receive additional advertising opportunities.

  • Sponsors will be recognized on the website clearly reflecting sponsorship level, company logo and link to sponsor website.
  • Printed publications, posters, flyers
  • Social media recognition on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Sponsors will receive the bridal leads on Saturday at noon and receive updated list 3-7 business days after the event.
  • The 3 venues that participate will have first pick at a Bridal Diva Night or a Bridal Mixer –  event to further promote their venue.  We are having limited events as each will also receive a promo style shoot before the event to include a featured editorial in online Wilco Bride Guide.  These will take place in December, March and July with marketing to begin at the expo.
  • Some sponsors will have the opportunity to serve as panelists for our Q&A Session.  Panelists will be selected based on bridal need.
  • Our t-shirt and tote sponsors will have their logos added to the bridal totes.

Event Sponsors Needed – These sponsors will provide their services or products to ensure a smooth, productive event.  These sponsors will stand above the rest of the vendors and get both Pre-event and after marketing and advertising.  We anticipate hosting a pre-event promotional event for our sponsors.

Fashion Show Sponsor – $500

  • 1 Bridal Salon – bridal fashions
  • 1 Tuxedo / men’s Style Provider

Platinum Sponsors – $2000

  • 2 Rental Companies
      1 handles the stage and dress changing tent &
    one handles the pipe & drape

Diamond Sponsors – $1500

  • 1-2 Wedding Planners to help with Expo Design
  • 2 Hair and Makeup Artist Teams
  • 2 Wedding Flower Providers –
       1 handles bouquets and one decorates the stage

Gold Sponsors – $1000

  • 1 Videographer
  • 2 Event Photographers
  • 1 Bridal Show Photographer
  • 1 Photo Booth for Entrance – will capture all attendees as they enter
  • 1 -2 Lighting Specialists

Silver Sponsors – $500

  • 1 Jewelry & Accessory Provider
  • 1 Dance Company to provide dance demos or entertainment
  • 1 DJ / Emcee

 Bronze Sponsors – $50

  • 10 T-shirt Sponsors
  • 10 Tote Sponsors

What benefits will the vendors get?

  • Pre-Event Vendor Training Session for any vendors interested
  • NEW!  Networking opportunities for Wedding Industry Vendors
  • Special Promotional Deals – 15% off promotional products, banners, and uniforms or nametags.
  • Discounts on printed materials such as postcards, flyers, and business cards.
  • Web presence complete with map to booth and link to website
  • Opportunity to get immediate feedback from brides – those participating in treasure hunt will be recognized as most favorite and most helpful bride’s selection.
  • Shout out to preferred exhibitors & posting on website
  • Event Program Directory
  • First Opportunity to participate in other Everafter Events like Bridal Diva Night and Bridal Mixers, other upcoming events for opportunity to follow up with future brides.
  • Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities both on website and New Wilco Bridal Guide – This is an online bridal directory.
  • Bridal Blog – chance to blog about your business with wedding tips and special deals.
  • Podcast interview / announcements
  • YouTube Video posted on our wedding channel.

What are the marketing strategies for the show?

    • Website, (www.onceuponaweddingexpo.com) in which we will recognize all sponsors and vendors
    • An event map will clearly show where vendors are positioned for easy access.
    • Immediate feedback will be provided by bride and attendee survey during and after the event.   Shout-outs will be made to recognize their vendors.
    • Free tickets for your bridal leads
    • Pre-event ad marketing on our Facebook pages
    • We will provide Totes, T-shirts and other marketing products to promote the show
    • Sponsors will have banners visibly displayed at the event to all to recognize their support and will be on signs and advertising materials based on level of sponsorship.
    • Online Marketing
    • Facebook page for the bridal show that will be updated often
    • Twitter – @wilcobridemag & @qltpromotions.com
    • Instagram
    • Email Blast to all our leads
    • Craigslist postings
    • OneWed.com … a way to help make the show rank higher in Google searches
    • Austin360.com
    • Community websites … radio, local newspapers, etc.
    • Wilco Wedding Association
    • The Knot Website
    • Wedding Wire
    • Bridal Tweet
    • Community Impact Calendar
    • All local Chamber and City Calendars
    • Wilco Wedding Association
    • Amazon
    • Groupon
    • The Knot
    • Wedding Wire
    • Bridal Tweet
    • LaLe’s Impressions
    • All area chamber calendars
    • Discover Round Rock Website
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Linked In
    • Pinterest
    • Pinvents
    • You Tube
  • Are currently looking for other advertising opportunities and Social Media Opportunities

What resources and / or tips will be provided for future brides?

  • First, at the event, each bride will be provided with a checklist to determine which services or vendors they already have vs. what they still need.  Staff will help direct to vendors they clearly need.
  • New to assist Future Brides – Q & A Session – with a panel of wedding professionals to provide onsite tips for interested brides and bridal parties.
  • Vendors will be prepared and equipped to provide the best quality assistance possible.  Since they will not be overwhelmed with over 400 vendors, they will be able to carefully take the time needed to research, in person, potential needed services / products.
  • Brides will receive an event program, complete with list of vendors, and special offers

Will there be free gifts, door prizes or a grand prize for attending future brides?

Yes, as prizes always attract brides, we will have prizes that are appealing to brides including, but not limited to

  • Dream Dollars to be spent with participating vendors within 30 days of event – Special Offers Section on Wilco Bride Guide website.
  • Cash Awards every two hours
  • Door prizes provided by vendors
  • Honeymoon Giveaway
  • Gift Certificates for various bridal / wedding items
  • We are also looking to secure a car give-a-way….but pending negotiation from sponsor.

What is the after event? (Bridal Diva Night or Bridal)

The after event is basically a bride’s night out with her bridal party.  It’s is open networking, fun, photos, makeup, and Wedding Professional Q & A insight to planning a Dream Wedding.  These events provide an intimate setting to re-connect with future brides and get another opportunity to establish necessary relationships.  These events will feature various venues and their preferred vendors to experience the venue in action while creating memories with bridal party and winning door prizes.  It is clearly a fun night out for all participants.

See for past events.  www.qltpromotions.com/Bridal_Diva_Night.html.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Internship Opportunities – which creates word of mouth marketing for college aged future brides.